What Will Shape Irish Social Media Trends This Year?

Out with the old, in with the new. This has always been the motto of change. Social media is a part of that change. Trends have come and gone from 2017 and some have stuck around and aren't likely to go anywhere, any time soon. To start off, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to make a few things clear.

What the FTC Ordered

The Federal Trade Commission wants transparency. It has decided that all paid ad campaigns or sponsorships should be transparent for consumers. This means that the FTC has obliged all influencers, celebrities and brands to follow their policies for endorsement and marketing across all their channels. This means that influencers, celebs and brands will need to get more creative and work within these constraints to grow further.

Videos, Videos Everywhere

Whether it's live streaming on YouTube or other platforms like Instagram, Twitch or Facebook or just videos in general, 2017 saw a great appreciation for videos. Live feeds kept popping up from different brands and individuals even garnered quite a following, especially through live streaming.Nothing but pure unadulterated content in the form of videos was found on Instagram and Facebook stories.

According to some estimates, young adults, especially millennials, spend more than half an hour on Instagram. This means that people are building a following through the sheer reach of the platform. What's more,brands are also stepping up their game. As much as 50% of all top businesses do have an Instagram account that has a frequency of posting content of at least twice a week. Videos on Instagram capture a slice of social media users' life and that's why it instantly becomes apparent why they are so appealing.

But the grand master of all videos still remains YouTube.Collectively, users on the platform browse through 500 million hours of content every single day. That's still not surprising as there are a massive number of videos and content creators out there. Twitter and Facebook are not that far behind, although the kind of visual content that users watch varies between these platforms. According to some internet gurus, video content will lead the way for internet content with a massive 80% share this year.

Organic Reach: The Competition will be Tough

There are studies that show Facebook videos garner a 135%greater organic reach. Some industry analysts (gurus) say that this is fast becoming the end of organic reach on social media.


Yes, although it sounds ridiculous, it may not be that far from the truth because more and more companies are finding out the wonders of videos on the internet and want in. Cleanly hash-tagged (labelled) videos have great share-ability and everyone from leading brands and businesses to middleaged individuals are sharing these constantly. This gives birth to the concept of viral videos and those who do well will have the opportunity to rise over the rest of the competition when it comes to superior organic reach.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that Facebook and Instagram are all for spending quite a large amount of money for paid ad campaigns such as pay-per-click on successful channels and networks that create these viral videos.

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